If you’re moving into a new home that doesn’t have ductwork already installed, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to investigate the many benefits of a Daikin Ductless system. Daikin Emura is a multi-zone system that requires no ducts at all to be installed in your home, and that fact alone can make your heating system more efficient. With no ducts that might become restricted or blocked by debris, there is no loss of heating efficiency in the home, and you can enjoy the advantages of maximum heating performance, with lower energy bills as well.

There are many types of Daikin heating and cooling systems which might be ideal for your home circumstances, but when there’s no ductwork installed at your premises, or if you’re thinking of having it removed, the Daikin Emura Ductless just might be the best heating solution you can find in the Northwest.

Benefits of Daikin Emura ductless heating

Heating Performance Factor (HSPF) is a measure of how efficiently a system uses electrical power in converting it to heat. Any HSPF rating above 8 is considered to be in the ‘high-efficiency’ neighborhood, and that means the heating system is not wasting valuable and expensive electricity in the performance of its heating duties. The Emura heating system has an HSPF rating of 12.5, putting it among the elite systems available to homeowners for the heating of homes.

But the benefits of Daikin Emura don’t stop there. With a built-in wireless controller, access and control of your heating system simply couldn’t be any easier. Even if you aren’t present in the home, you can use the Daikin Comfort Control App to start, stop, and make adjustments to your heating service, right from your mobile device wherever you happen to be.

You might think that to provide all this power and performance, you’d have a fairly loud heating unit that intruded on the quiet of your household, but that’s not the case with the whisper-quiet Emura. Operating at a paltry 21 decibels, Emura is as close to silent operation as you could reasonably hope for from a heating unit. The sleek good looks of each Emura unit are also in keeping with this low profile, as it blends right in with the existing decor, to become just another part of the interior design.

Daikin Emura represents the very best combination of form and function in the world of heating systems, providing a very stylish and appealing aesthetic in any room or zone it has been set up in, while also providing high-performance heat to that area.

Daikin certified dealer

Going ductless with your heating system is a great way to achieve maximum efficiency for your home’s heating system, and the Daikin Emura is a top of the line heating solution that you should strongly consider. Frog HVAC is a certified Daikin dealer in the Arlington, WA in the Great Pacific Northwest.

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