Daikin Heat PumpIf you have never had a heat pump installed in your Snohomish County, WA home, you might be pleasantly surprised at how incredibly efficient the newer Daikin models can be in saving you money on your heating and air-conditioning bills. The fact that a heat pump can perform both heating and air conditioning cooling for your home makes it an extremely versatile appliance and one that can save on space requirements, while also improving your pad with the indoor air quality of your home significantly.

There’s never been a better time to purchase a heat pump in Arlington, WA, because the newest high-energy efficiency models are more affordable than ever, and they also provide the best heating and cooling service to your home. If you’re considering a new heat pump installed in your Arlington, WA home, or if you need home heating repair for your system, find some of the information below, and then contact FROGHVAC, LLC to discuss heat pump repair or new installation.

How does a heat pump work?

Contrary to the manner in which a furnace works, heat pumps do not generate heat but move it from one place to another. For instance, heat from outdoors can be captured and transported inside the home, even when temperatures outside don’t seem to be hot. There’s always enough available heat that can be extracted from external sources to be pulled inside to heat your home.

In the summertime, this process works in reverse, and the internal heat from your home is transferred to the outside, automatically cooling off the interior air. The great thing about heat pump operation is that it’s so effective and efficient, requiring only a little more than half the electricity which is necessary to run other conventional heating systems.

Expert installation and service

If you’re actively considering the installation of a new high-efficiency heat pump, it makes the most sense to protect your investment by purchasing a quality system and having installed by heat pump experts like those at FROGHVAC, LLC. What is meant by the expert installation is that service personnel are experienced and well-trained at installing equipment correctly, so that the heat pump will operate as the manufacturer intended, and can achieve its greatest efficiency.

Heat pump manufacturers always provide specifications on installation for this very purpose, so that every installation can take full advantage of all efficiencies of the heat pump itself. Without adequate training and knowledge about installation and service, you might find that your new appliance is not providing you with the kind of efficiency and reliability that you would expect from a brand-new heat pump.

Contact FROG HVAC for heat pump service

To discuss options for having a new heat pump installed at your home, contact us at FROGHVAC, LLC in Arlington, WA, and we can inform you about all the possibilities. Stop wasting money on old, inefficient heating and cooling service at your home, and get a high-quality, modern heat pump installed by the experts!

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