Nest Thermostats Certified Installer

Nest thermostats are one of the most innovative and exciting things to come about in the world of heating and cooling for quite some time. They are the first generation of truly smart thermostats that can actually learn about the characteristics of your home. For instance, a Nest thermostat can find out how long it takes to heat up your home in cold weather or cool it down when the weather’s hot outside. All the information that it gathers about your home is then put into practice to make heating and cooling more efficient – and to save you money on utility bills.

Nest thermostat orangeIn order to be sure that your new Nest thermostat is expertly installed so that it can deliver all those benefits to your household, it has to be put in place by a certified installer, i.e. a contractor who has a great deal of knowledge about it and has been well trained in the proper installation of it. Your local certified Nest installers can be found at Frog HVAC, LLC, where you can always find the most modern and energy-efficient equipment for heating and cooling.

Nest smoke alarms

Two Nest smoke alarmAt Frog HVAC, LLC, you’ll also find Nest Protect smoke alarms, which go far above and beyond the traditional non-smart units that just make an ear-splitting sound when smoke is detected. Nest smoke detectors can be integrated with your smartphone so that even when you aren’t home, you can be alerted to the fact that something is amiss in your house. Getting the earliest possible notification is more critical than ever, given the fact that a fire nowadays can completely engulf your home in less than five minutes.

The Nest Protect alarm also serves as a carbon monoxide detector, sensing dangerous leaks, and giving you an alert on your phone so you can avoid a potentially hazardous situation with your breathing air. This space-age alarm system can think, speak, and tell you what’s wrong in your home, so you don’t have to guess in the midst of an emergency. It’s a self-checking system that tells you when the battery is low, and it can provide protection for your whole household for as much as a decade.

A family of smart products

All Nest products can be integrated, so they work together, and all can be connected to your smartphone so that the concept of connectedness can be most efficient and most beneficial to you and your household. That not only provides you with whole-house energy efficiency, but it also offers a level of safety you’ve never had before because it can immediately alert you to any impending issues before they develop into full-blown dangers.

To achieve these maximum benefits through integration, it’s very important that Nest thermostats for heating and cooling products, and Nest Protect alarm systems, be installed by qualified professionals like those at Frog HVAC, LLC.

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