Heat Pump, Heat, and Cool Your Home 

Daikin Heat PumpHeat pumps are mechanical heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that do not rely on a combustion process to accomplish their purpose. Heat pumps work both as heating and as cooling systems, and they do this by simply transferring air. In warm weather, they transfer indoor air outside, and in cool weather, outside air is brought into the interior. The entire system consists of an outside unit, piping for the transfer of conditioned air, and interior vents which are established in rooms or zones requiring heating and cooling.

Frog HVAC is a new heating contractor headquartered in Arlington, WA, and we can help you start saving money in your household by installing a brand new high-quality heat pump, that will have you wondering why you didn’t make the move a decade sooner. Heat pumps are marvels of efficiency, and they have such simple operations that they routinely last for long periods of time. With regular maintenance from Precision Air, you can count on your system lasting for many years, and you can also count on top-notch performance all the time it’s in operation.

Advantages of heat pumps

The all new Daikin Emura ductless heat pumpThe biggest advantage of using a heat pump is, of course, its dual heating and cooling capability. With a single system, you can provide your household with conditioned air, either during the warm season or the cold season, so you’ll save money on the initial installation, and you’ll never have to worry about replacing two different systems again.

Today’s heat pumps are highly efficient units, which provide a maximum output of heated or cooled air, relative to the amount of power needed to generate that conditioned air. With high ratings for both seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF), a modern heat pump can save you money on utility bills all year round, simply by making the best use of the power driving it.

It’s also true that modern heat pumps operate quietly, cleanly, and without producing any unpleasant odors in the process. Most of the time, you won’t even realize that a heat pump is heating or cooling your home, it’s so unobtrusive. And speaking of unobtrusive – you can have your new heat pump installed as a ductless system, which means there would be no ducts necessary to transport conditioned air throughout your home. This in itself can be a huge advantage, because you won’t have ducts taking up space in the home, you won’t have the possibility of losing conditioned air via leaks in the system, and you won’t have contaminants building up inside the ducts themselves.

Heat and cool with a heat pump 

A high-quality heat pump from Frog HVAC can be the answer to all your heating and cooling needs in Washington state. Contact us today about a new heat pump installation in Snohomish, Edmonds, MillCreek, and all of King and Snohomish County, WA. We are very confident that you’ll love the efficiency of your new HVAC system, as well as the professional service we provide with any kind of installation, repair, or regular maintenance.

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The all new Daikin Emura ductless heat pump